RAW Stimulus, Los Angeles, featuring Angelina D’Arcy!

Angelina D’Arcy - This lovely Australian artist shares her success using Art Cards at her recent exhibit!

Angelina has always been a creative soul, but we were shocked to learn she first picked up a paint brush in 2011! An extremely versatile artist, Angelina’s paintings range in subject and tools – from abstract to everyday objects, oil to watercolors – discovering different means of expression by delving into whatever comes her way. She describes her memories of the outback as contributing to the vision and vibrance of her work. Angelina is ambidextrous, meaning she uses her right and left hands interchangeably. What a useful trait for a painter!

In Angelina’s words, “art brings people together, and creativity opens hearts.”  This was certainly true on March 28th, when Angelina’s paintings were featured in the Raw Stimulus, Los Angeles. The event was a celebration of the arts, with works from twenty-five artists of every medium, from photography to performing arts. Congratulations, Angelina!

 Below is a picture of Angelina’s paintings hanging in the show!

Below are Angelina’s Art Cards! She selected the business card format – the front is a high-quality reproduction of one of her beautiful paintings and the back includes her personal information and a QR code linking back to her facebook page.









More Angelina? facebook, website

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Introducing Art to Go

“The job of art is to chase ugliness away.” I recently came across this quote by Bono in the Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson.

Imagine the extreme job satisfaction from winning this chase: seeing real artwork instead of the bombardment of visual litter we face all day long. Is there any question why 90% of people find the accelerating influx of marketing, media, and so many products distasteful? I mean, come on! E-mail in-boxes have become as flashy as Times Square. The majority of people have literally stopped looking, let alone seeing. SO our fun group of art lovers, artists, and marketers created Art to Go to renew the originality available through good design. Real ART, from real CREATORS, not only attracts the eye, but wins over hearts.

We saw two groups struggling with respective issues. First, independent artists struggling to get their works out there and make money (paint ain’t cheap). Second, an array of organizations, small and large businesses, museums, retailers, and individual promoters looking to grow, gain, glamorize, even gamble, but being overwhelmed by the costs and ineffectiveness and of marketing options.

We were inspired by the opportunity and fulfillment that can easily come from bringing these groups together with practical ART solutions. Artists can do what they love to do, organizations can make connections, and people will be be inspired to relate.

The challenge was to make art manageable, affordable and customizable for all types of merchandising and marketing situations, be they small or large. The idea of creating art that fits into your hand triggered the flow of possibilities for us and it all came together. An entire new way for everyone to display art, meet artists, interact and get satisfaction. Set up to easily tailor solutions for anyone – giving artists and our customers opportunities to show off.

It’s not just about driving ugliness away, it’s about sharing art as a way to enjoy communicating. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the possibilities together.

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